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We are a boutique app development company based in beautiful Barcelona.

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What can we do for you?


Getting the right iOS developers for your team is not that simple. You don’t want just any web developer who has made an online course and calls himself Mobile Developer. You want the right people, who knows the Cocoa patterns, who can fine tune your app and make it snappy, who has danced the code-signing dance and who has real experience getting apps on the App Store.

And, while you are busy searching for it, we can get your app jumpstarted on the right foot. We can build the right foundations for your unique app. Or, if you need a more hands free approach, we can take care of completing it and get it ready for distribution. We adapt to your needs.


Do you need to re-train your web development team into an iOS team?

If you need that one or a few of your web developers become iOS developers, you have several ways to accomplish it. You can hope they do it out of self-initiative, although if at this point they haven’t done it yet, they probably won’t do it ever.

You can also expect that they learn on the job, but that takes time and takes a toll on quality.

Another thing that you can do is training them, but that is difficult to find and the training is generic and doesn’t take your necessities into account. Or does it?

Do you need to migrate to git from Subversion or SourceSafe?

You’ve heard a lot of talk about distributed version control systems, such as git or mercurial, but they’re not deployed yet on your company.

Everyone knows that changing systems mid-project is costly, difficult and risky. And people are reluctant to change habits. But of course, Atlassian no longer supports SVN, and all your partners work on Bitbucket or GitHub. Your CTO has asked you to migrate to git, but that is a project in and of itself. Or that is what looks like from the outside.

Hand Forged can help you

We have broad experience in iOS development - and even more on general development.

We can offer you custom iOS training for your developers, with the specific content you desire. Or a crash course on git best practices. Please, get in touch to discuss the details.