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We are a boutique app development company based in beautiful Barcelona.

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Our products

This is a list of apps and e-books made by Hand Forged. We work on these when not busy with client work.


whereami is a command line tool for Mac OS X Mavericks and Yosemite that you can use to find out your location. You can use this information, for example, in commit hooks, in cron jobs, or in whatever manner you can imagine.

If you have Homebrew, you can install whereami as easily as typing brew install whereami at your shell prompt. Or, if you want the picturesque road, go to github and find all the details

The Core Plot book

The Core Plot book is a book by Victor Jalencas, currently being written. As its name would let you guess, it is a manual on how to use the popular Cocoa charting library Core Plot. You can get more news about its development at The Core Plot Book site.